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Hi guys! I'm new here and I just started writing my story. I would be so grateful if you guys would check it out :) Please be nice... And if you have any tips let me know. Also I am in need of an editor, English isn't my first language so if anyone is willing let me know. BTW it's a shared account

============================================================= "Please stop crying." I look up to find where that enchanting voice came from that calmed my nerves and sent waves of pleasure up and down my body. I gasp as I lock eyes with the most stunning pair of sapphire eyes. Those stunning pair of sapphire eyes belonged to the most dazzling person I've ever seen. He was breathtaking. His coal black hair simmered in the sun light. Perfect eyebrows, long thick eyelashes, high cheek bones, smooth porcelain white skin, and his lips that were desperately calling out to be kissed by me. I take my eyes away from his lips, to go back to his eyes. I then become aware that he too had been looking me up and down. His eyes were on my lips.…
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THANKS so much you guys for all the favs and watches they mean sooooooo much to me >.< I will be posting more 1D stuff quotes and manga art. I working with a friend on a manga were doing and I have a bunch of fanfictions they I might post too, oh and my book that I'm writing. Anyways just wanted to thank all of you guys your all so kind oh and I'm sorry if I say something that doesn't make sense my main language is Romanian
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My quotes and quotes that are meanful<3 Haha I'm know at this.... So please be nice >.< but honest. Oh and I'm thinking of upload the book that I'm writing....Maybe>.>
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